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Toronto Product Marketers, unite on November 30th!

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Disruption–the good kind-happens when you fill a room with the best and the brightest among your peers, thought leaders, and product marketing gurus. That’s the inspiration behind Product Marketing Community Toronto–created by product marketers for product marketers. With the theme “Architects of Growth”, it’s a day packed with insights, networking, and “Holy crap, I didn’t know that!” moments.

As if networking wasn't enough....

Seriously? As if the networking isn’t enough, we’ve got three top-drawer keynote speakers bringing the disruptive. Workshops, insights, and meet-the-expert sessions will plunge elbow-deep into:

  • Defining buyers and their purchase process
  • Go-to-market planning and execution
  • Launches and campaigns

And food, my friend.  Mmmmmm. Food.

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Take a peek in the mirror—we can wait.  Are you seeing a Product Marketer, Product Manager, Field Marketer, Content Marketer, Analyst, Coordinator or Product Engineer? Then yes, you’ll want to be here. This day is about ideas and best practices that can help turn products and plans into revenue.

Product Marketing in the B2B context is such a critical role, yet very rarely do you find a forum that provides the level of practical insights like the Product Marketing Community. The inaugural Toronto conference was just what I needed to get up to speed on industry best practices and to network with like-minded product marketers! If you want to be an Architect of Growth, attend Toronto on Nov 30.
Mei BurginDirector, Market Intelligence, MaRS District
If you’re passionate about elevating your Product Marketing role so as to influence revenue growth, customers retention and awareness, join our friends at the Product Marketing Community Nov 30 in Toronto.
Rebecca KalogerisVice President, Marketing, Pragmatic Marketing Inc.
In the world of B2B marketing, there is perhaps no more strategic, but less understood role than of Product Marketing. I’m very excited to join the Product Marketing Community to better articulate the mission and role of this critical function.
Jim WilliamsVice President, Marketing, BlueCat

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The best thinking comes in 3’s


Pragmatic Instructor

From the razor-sharp minds of Pragmatic Marketing you’ll hear a fresh set of reasons why successful product marketing begins way back at the blueprint stage. Hear real-life case studies, and pick up new techniques for creating adaptive go-to-market strategies.

    Jeff Lash

    VP & Group Director, Go-to-Market

    You might think it’s easier to broker Middle East peace then to get your Product Marketing and Product Management teams to work in harmony. SiriusDecisions provides tips and best practices from for helping these key players work together for maximum effect.

    Michele Buckley

    Research Director

    So you’ve got a premium product, and you’ve cultivated key contacts – but still the prospect says ‘no thanks’. Gartner will explain why this happens more than you might think, as they share strategies for winning over that elusive ‘challenger’ customer.


    8:30 - 9:15 AM
    General Registrations Open & Continental Breakfast

    General registrations open at 8:30 am with Continental Breakfast and Coffee.

    Product Marketing Community

    Do you have a seat at the table when executives are discussing business strategy and growth initiatives? Do top sales reps ping you for advice on winning a big, new strategic deal? Do industry analysts call you proactively for strategic insights? Come to this session to hear practical, tested steps on how you can make an even bigger strategic contribution to your business. Sridhar Ramanathan, co-founder of Aventi Group, a Product Marketing agency, shares best practices from his top client executives. He will discuss “seven levers” for revenue growth, and share three specific case studies of PMM leaders who are moving the revenue needle in a big way.

    Sridhar Ramanthan, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Aventi Group

    Product marketing teams are generating more content - more communications - than ever. Yet we often miss the mark when it comes to really engaging buyers. Why? Diane Pierson, marketing strategy expert and instructor at Pragmatic Marketing, will outline not only why this happens, but how to fix it. This topic will include learnings from your peers on creating an effective Buyer Persona, documenting the Buyer Experience and bringing both to life within your organization, and in your marketing efforts.

    Pragmatic Instructor, TBA

    Relying on sales to help us understand why deals are won or lost is problematic. Often, their view is incomplete, heavily biased, and just wrong making win/loss data unreliable. Top win/loss programs systematically leverage insight directly from buyers to drive specific actions. This session will cover 10 tips for quickly ramping your program while creating personal value by making you your company's win/loss guru!

    Ryan Sorley, Founder, DoubleCheck Research

    Here is the sad truth for all of us who have spent countless hours crafting product messaging and creating one-pagers: today's B2B buyer is less reliant on, and less trusting of, vendor-produced materials. Instead buyers want to hear from their peers and current customers. In this session, TrustRadius VP Marketing, Bertrand Hazard, will present the key finding from their latest annual study into how technology buyers research products, where vendors are falling short, and what vendors can do to have greater impact on purchasing decisions Most importantly he will share what these key findings mean for us product marketers.

    Bertrand Hazard, VP, Marketing, TrustRadius

    Audience led engagement session based on provided questions via ThoughtExchange app.

    MC, Pragmatic Marketing, DoubleCheck Research & TrustRadius

    Networking session with coffee & snacks

    Product Marketing Community

    "Even the best designed offerings don’t market and sell themselves. To ensure new offerings get off to the right start and are commercially successful over time, portfolio marketers must have a well-crafted launch plan that provides the right context and direction for marketing, sales, product and even executive teams. An effective launch plan ties launch activities to measurable goals oriented around external and internal audiences – ensuring that overall business objectives are achieved. This presentation will demonstrate how to develop a strategic plan to get the desired results you're looking for from your launch"

    Jeff Lash, VP & Group Director, Go-to-Market, SiriusDecisions

    You’re so excited to bring your product features to market you maintain a Launch-As-You-Go system. Learn how Recruiter, LinkedIn’s biggest business line, moved from “launching features when ready” to a consistent quarterly launch process. Neha Mandhani brings hands-on actionable insights. She’ll explain how LinkedIn made the change happen, what they learned through this process, and how you too can create change in your organization and for your customers.

    Neha Mandhani, Product Marketing, LinkedIn

    As product and growth marketers, we’re on the line to successfully bring our products to market. The daunting reality is that most products launched today result in marginal success. What are we missing? What steps can we take to launch our products and achieve success? Join Travis Kaufman, VP Product Growth @ Aptrinsic as he discusses key activities you can incorporate today to make your next product launch a success

    Travis Kaufman, VP Growth, Aptrinsic

    Audience led engagement session based on provided questions via ThoughtExchange app

    MC, SiriusDecisions, Aptrinsic & LinkedIn

    Napoleon said ‘Product Marketers travel on their stomachs.’ (We paraphrase.) We’ve got quite the surprise in store for you!

    Product Marketing Community

    Creating great products and services is not nearly as hard as bringing them to market successfully.
    This presentation explores the dynamics of how enterprises approach technology purchase decisions and what influences them the most. Use this knowledge to train your marketing, sales and partner teams to adapt their approach and frame the opportunity within the context of the customer’s situation.

    Michele Buckley, Research Director, Gartner

    • Tools, processes, and a system Marketers can use for leads
    • Our do's and don't (learnings) and best practices
    • How this impacts the Sales cycle, with training, ramp and learnings that result in higher win rates

    Jason Smith, CEO & Co-Founder, Klue

    The famous quote “no plan survives contact with the enemy” is also a good way to think about what happens in product marketing. All the content we create, like sales decks, product data sheets, fancy presentations and more are ultimately put to the test when they land in front of a prospect. That’s why sales enablement is such an important aspect of core product marketing responsibilities and why we should better understand how to leverage it to our advantage.

    Daniel Kuperman, Director of Product Marketing, MindTickle

    Audience led engagement session based on provided questions via ThoughtExchange app

    MC, Gartner, Klue & MindTickle.

    We are happy to announce that we are partnering with Thoughtexchange to try something new during this year’s event. In an effort to make your time with us as valuable as it can be, we are committing to set aside thirty minutes for you to share with and learn from your peers on the topics that are most important to you right now in your professional lives.
    In the days before the event look for an invitation to share your thoughts and rate the thoughts of others to help us identify the topics that will be most valuable for this part of the day. We look forward to it!

    Rowan Noronha, Founder of Product Marketing Community

    As if networking wasn't enough...we end the day with prizes, food and complimentary cocktails!

    Product Marketing Community

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    November 30, 2018

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          I joined the community to promote excellence in marketing and to share and learn from peers in the industry with a focus on Product Marketing in a B2B environment. Join us November 30th
          Adam HowatsonChief Marketing Officer, OpenText
          Many Product Marketers have learned “on the job” and have misconceptions about the role and its responsibilities. The Product Marketing Community conference in Toronto was a great opportunity for me to share best practices that we’ve learned at SiriusDecisions, as well as to hear various Product Marketers perspectives on the key activities and deliverable they utilize to achieve commercial success. Let’s continue the dialogue November 30th in Toronto.
          Jeff LashVP & Group Director, Go-to-Market, SiriusDecisions
          The Product Marketing Community brings together a diverse set of marketing leaders representing companies large and small. What better a forum to advance the profession then by tapping into the minds and experiences of your fellow “Architects of Growth”?
          Andrew DixonVice President, Marketing, SAS

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