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Disruption–the good kind-happens when you fill a room with the best and the brightest among your peers, thought leaders, and product marketing gurus. That’s the inspiration behind Product Marketing Community San Francisco–created by product marketers for product marketers. With the theme “Architects of Growth”, it’s a day packed with insights, networking, and “Holy crap, I didn’t know that!” moments.

As if networking wasn't enough....

Seriously? As if the networking isn’t enough, we’ve got three top-drawer keynote speakers bringing the disruptive. Workshops, insights, and meet-the-expert sessions will plunge elbow-deep into:

  • Defining buyers and their purchase process
  • Go-to-market planning and execution
  • Launches and campaigns

And food, my friend.  Mmmmmm. Food.

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Take a peek in the mirror—we can wait.  Are you seeing a Product Marketer, Product Manager, Field Marketer, Content Marketer, Analyst, Coordinator or Product Engineer? Then yes, you’ll want to be here. This day is about ideas and best practices that can help turn products and plans into revenue.

Product Marketing in the B2B context is such a critical role, yet very rarely do you find a forum that provides the level of practical insights like the Product Marketing Community. The inaugural Toronto conference was just what I needed to get up to speed on industry best practices and to network with like-minded product marketers! If you want to be an Architect of Growth, attend San Francisco December 9th!
Mei BurginCloud Marketing Leader, North America IBM
If you’re passionate about elevating your Product Marketing role so as to influence revenue growth, customers retention and awareness, join our friends at the Product Marketing Community Dec 9 in San Francisco. If it’s anything like their inaugural conference in Toronto, You’re in for a treat.
Rebecca KalogerisVice President, Marketing, Pragmatic Marketing Inc.
In the world of B2B marketing, there is perhaps no more strategic, but less understood role than of Product Marketing. I’m very excited to join the Product Marketing Community to better articulate the mission and role of this critical function.
Jim WilliamsVice President, Marketing, Influitive

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Keynote speakers

The best thinking comes in 3’s

Kristen Butzow

Pragmatic Instructor

From the razor-sharp minds of Pragmatic Marketing you’ll hear a fresh set of reasons why successful product marketing begins way back at the blueprint stage. Hear real-life case studies, and pick up new techniques for creating adaptive go-to-market strategies.

    Jeff Lash

    VP & Group Director, Go-to-Market

    You might think it’s easier to broker Middle East peace then to get your Product Marketing and Product Management teams to work in harmony. SiriusDecisions provides tips and best practices from for helping these key players work together for maximum effect.

    Michael McCune

    Senior Executive Advisor

    So you’ve got a premium product, and you’ve cultivated key contacts – but still the prospect says ‘no thanks’. CEB will explain why this happens more than you might think, as they share strategies for winning over that elusive ‘challenger’ customer.


    8:30 - 9:30 AM
    General Registrations Open & Continental Breakfast

    General registrations open at 8:30 am with Continental Breakfast and Coffee.

    Product Marketing Community

    Introduction of your MC for the day: Blaine Mathieu, CMO, VANTIQ and the Founder of Product Marketing Community: Rowan Noronha

    Rowan Noronha, Founder Product Marketing Community & Blaine Mathieu (MC)

    The story goes: you build a product, follow your launch checklist and then boom! The users, revenue and praise starts flowing in. But we all know that’s a myth. In fact, it’s a collection of four big myths. Join Pragmatic Marketing instructor Dave Daniels as he identifies those myths and explains how to avoid them to ensure a successful product launch. Dave Daniels has more than 25 years of experience working in the software industry, specializing in product management, product marketing and product launch, with an emphasis on go-to-market strategies and execution. His extensive background includes development, sales, product management and product marketing and executive positions. He brings an international perspective to the product launch process, having launched more than 30 products globally.

    Dave Daniels, Instructor, Pragmatic Marketing

    How can Product Marketing and Product Management best work together to develop amazing products? Learn about approaches for strong PMM-Product collaboration, from the go-to-market team behind LinkedIn's Lead Gen Forms ad format.

    Andrew Kaplan, Group Product Marketer (Marketing Solutions)

    Many companies trying to drive growth spend a lot of time and money optimizing their acquisition or conversion. However, they may have a “leaky bucket” problem and not even realize it. Until a company has a stable customer retention rate, it will never be effective at growth. Dan shares advice on how to think about and optimize retention to create a foundation for growth.

    Dan Olsen, author of The Lean Product Playbook

    MC: Blaine Mathieu Audience Q & A participants include Pragmatic Marketing, LinkedIn and Dan Olsen

    MC: Blaine Mathieu, CMO VantiQ

    Networking session with coffee

    Product Marketing Community

    B-to-b organizations often use an internal organization chart or product portfolio hierarchy to inform their go-to-market strategies, which results in a fuzzy or confused vision of the buyer audience. SiriusDecisions into the priorities of b-to-b CMOs indicates that shifting their marketing approach from product-centric to audience centric is one of their top priorities. Product marketing leaders are able to orchestrate the design of a go-to-market architecture that aligns the offering portfolio to buyer audience segments. In this session, we will share a framework and process for how product marketing can lead the effort to aligning go-to-market strategy across product, marketing and sales based on a clear view of the buyer audience.

    Jeff Lash, VP & Group Director, Go-to-Market

    Mark Organ shares his insights on Customer Advocacy

    Mark Organ, CEO, Influitive

    The healthcare landscape is primed for disruption and Castlight is changing the way on how employees engage with their health benefits. To drive this mission, Castlight’s product marketing team is looking to guide our HR buyer down an unfamiliar path, while defining the team’s charter within the organization at the same time. Come and hear about how a young Product Marketing team is evolving through people, process and change to take healthcare into a new age. David has 8+ years of B2B product marketing experience across large technology companies and startups. At Castlight, David is a Director of Product Marketing focused on GTM strategy, field and channel enablement, and building a team to support the company’s next growth phase. Outside of work, he is passionate about his family and volleyball.

    David Kong, Product Marketing

    MC: Blaine Mathieu Audience Q & A with Influitive and Castlight

    MC: Blaine Mathieu

    Napoleon said ‘Product Marketers travel on their stomachs.’ (We paraphrase.) We’ve got quite the surprise in store for you!

    Product Marketing Community

    B2B buyer research tells us that most content doesn’t change customer behavior. But the same research also shows that teaching a customer something new about their own business can prompt more rapid sales engagement. While the development of such insight often requires building new marketing muscles, marketers can’t lose sight of how to smartly deploy this content. Michael McCune from the Marketing Leadership Council at CEB (now Gartner) will share their framework for deploying disruptive messaging and the routing of related leads.

    Michael McCune, Senior Executive Advisor, Marketing Leadership Council

    How do you gain a powerful understanding of your target audience? Learn how to accurately define user personas, develop an influential "why" and build value and community among your followers.

    Carol Gonzales, CEO, Product School

    We operate in crowded noisy markets where customers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day. How do you ensure your messaging rises above the clamor of information coming from your long list of competitors? In this session, I'm going to show you why context is the key to developing breakthrough thinking that paves the way for breakthrough products to succeed in the market.

    April Dunford, Rocket Launch Marketing

    We hear a lot about “alignment” in business, yet one of the biggest misalignment persists in many businesses today: That’s the misalignment between sales and marketing that results in inefficiency that slow your growth. In this talk, I’ll cover the cause of the rift, how much it costs you, and what you can do about it as a product marketer.

    Russ Heddleston, CEO, DocSend

    As a product marketer, developing a sound strategy for execution is the easy part. Hear about how the world's largest chemical company, worked with a small agency out of Toronto to launch a global content marketing strategy, and learn from the highs and lows of this journey, and how you can apply these implementation methods to your go-to-market best practices.

    Christina Dong, VP of Client Services, motum b2b

    As if networking wasn't enough...we end the day with prizes, food and complimentary cocktails!

    Rowan Noronha, Founder Product Marketing Community

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      I joined the community to promote excellence in marketing and to share and learn from peers in the industry with a focus on Product Marketing in a B2B environment. Join us December 9th.
      Adam HowatsonChief Marketing Officer, OpenText
      Many Product Marketers have learned “on the job” and have misconceptions about the role and its responsibilities. The Product Marketing Community conference in Toronto was a great opportunity for me to share best practices that we’ve learned at SiriusDecisions, as well as to hear various Product Marketers perspectives on the key activities and deliverable they utilize to achieve commercial success. Let’s continue the dialogue December 9th in San Francisco.
      Jeff LashVP & Group Director, Go-to-Market, SiriusDecisions
      The Product Marketing Community brings together a diverse set of marketing leaders representing companies large and small. What better a forum to advance the profession then by tapping into the minds and experiences of your fellow “Architects of Growth”?
      Andrew DixonVice President, Marketing, SAS

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