7 Best Practices for Hiring Quality Copywriters

7 Best Practices for Hiring Quality Copywriters

Copywriting is now more critical than ever for your organization to communicate with your audience. Good copywriting is needed, for not only a company’s website, but also for blogs, brochures, white papers, videos, presentations, case studies, advertising campaigns, emails, newsletters, and more.

However, not all copywriters are the same.

Different types of copywriters include sales copywriters, content copywriters, individuals who specialize in business to consumer communications, others who focus on B2B content, and other specialized types of copywriters depending on field.

Here are some best practices when hiring copywriters…

  1. Inquire about their areas of expertise.  It’s important to determine the writer’s specific domain knowledge. For example, security organizations should consider copywriters with a background in cyber security over individuals who lack industry knowledge.
  2. Confirm the skill level of the copywriter. Is the copywriter you are hiring — permanently or temporarily — a professional writer or somebody who does writing on the side? Does your project(s) require a copywriter with minimal experience or a seasoned pro?
  3. Determine if the copywriter knows your audience. Many businesses will have already determined targeted audience via customer profiles. Make sure the copywriter you hire understands your audience’s pain points/challenges and how your product or service benefits this audience.
  4. Ask for writing samples. Experienced copywriters are happy to share a sample of their work to show their skills and experience. Reviewing their portfolio can help you determine if they are the best person for your specific project.
  5. Learn what type of content the writer excels in. As covered, not all copywriters are the same. Some writers may specialize in writing web copy, others may have the expertise in writing white papers. While many copywriters have experience in various content types (case studies, blogging, white papers, solution briefs), they may have a content type they are truly passionate about and you can use that as an advantage to your marketing efforts.
  6. Request copywriters interview subject matter experts. Subject matter experts (SMEs) can provide an insider’s perspective of the particular topic, product, or service you’ve tasked the writer to cover. When copywriters interview and work with your organization’s SMEs, they will learn about your company’s positioning on the topic. Consider copywriters who have a background in journalism as they will have the experience of interviewing and valuing the time of experts.
  7. Consider scaling from one writer to a whole team. Hiring a copywriting team, which includes a chief editor, can help extend your content creation efforts. The chief editor can help manage the team, deliverables, and deadlines. While hiring one writer might be sufficient for your needs, what happens if your marketing organization requires multiple content deliverables under tight deadlines? Considering a copywriting that can extend your team’s efforts, manage expectations and help deliver relevant content to speak with your audience.

Sridhar Ramanathan is Managing Director and Co-founder of Aventi Group, a product marketing agency specializing in B2B tech firms. Based in San Francisco, Aventi Group boasts world-class clients who engage the firm for expertise, speed and flexibility when it comes to revenue growth initiatives.


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