Product Marketing as Architects of Growth at Influitive

Richard WeissRichard Weiss, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Influitive

At the end of the day your customers are people. As Product Marketers we have to stop thinking about them as logos and learn to build lasting relationships that are give and take to get to know them on a 1-to-1 level. When you do, you reap the rewards. They become a part of your marketing stack and in indispensable resource.

Big Idea: “Build a relationship with your customer that goes beyond the transaction and you’ll be paid back in dividends.”

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Sorting out Product Management & Product Marketing

Jeff Lash

Jeff Lash, Group Director, Go-to-Market


The relationship between Product Marketing and Product Management can sometimes be strained, contentious or non-existent. There is often confusion or conflict about roles and responsibilities and highly-charged opinions about how the functions should work together. However, in high performing organizations, there is close collaboration between Product Marketing and Product Management. The presentation explored the best practices for both functions, including roles and responsibilities, activities to promote interlock and the evolution of each role.


“Just as important as clear responsibilities is the recognition of how the two functions need to interlock throughout the entire innovation, go-to-market and product life cycle process. Even when one role takes the lead on a specific activity or deliverable, they cannot complete it in isolation or just throw things over the wall to each other. High performing product organizations recognize the importance of both roles and structure their processes to ensure alignment.”

We’ve included a link to Jeff’s video presentation.

Rethink Product Marketing. Hint: It’s not Marcom!

Jon Gatrell

Jon Gatrell, Instructor
Pragmatic Marketing Inc.

The market is moving too fast for legacy methods and processes in Product Marketing.  With buyers, users and markets evolving, the strategic planning and delivery models for marketers need to change.  This presentation provides a starting point to start thinking agile and changing the planning process for marketing teams.

“Knowing your market and applying market driving priorities are critical to positioning your business and products for market leadership.”

We’ve included a link to Jon’s video presentation.