Sales Enablement

Kathleen MartinKathleen Martin, Director, Sales Enablement, Intelex Technologies

Effective sales enablement requires so much more than just alerting the sales team at product launch. Yet, often Sales is an after-thought in this process.

At Intelex Technologies, sales readiness is a team sport. Cross-functional teams are aligned to a best practice model that equips Sales with the insights, competency and confidence needed to be productive and efficient in their selling activities in order to ensure the investment is realized through revenue.

Big Idea:

“Learning is not an event; it’s a process.  In order to help Sales consume new knowledge and understand how to use insights and tools in the context of customer conversations, sales enablement programs must have clear and measurable objectives, provide opportunity to engage and interact, ensuring that – when the training has been forgotten – Sales knows where and who to go to for ‘in the moment’ support.”

Watch Kathleen’s presentation here

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