Rebuilding the view of the customer for the experiential shift

Glen DrummondGlen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer, Quarry

Rebuilding the view of the customer for the experiential shift

“Product-focus” is increasingly contrasted (unfavorably) with “customer- focus.” So is this a bad time to be a “Product Marketer?”  No, “product marketers” are responsible for targeting insight. And so they can set the stage for differentiating customer experiences through the depth and quality of that insight.   But there is a proviso:  Segmentation frameworks that were optimized for product-centric marketing are not good vessels for the kind of insight that leads to experiential differentiation.

“Segmentation frameworks are technology.  Specifically, they are “conceptual infrastructure.”  Like other infrastructure technology, they often operate unnoticed … until something breaks.    Like other infrastructure technology, they are subject to occasional obsolescence.   And the trend of customer experience to become a major differentiation factor across many industries means there is a wave of such obsolescence underway.”

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