Buyer Journey Mapping 

David PereiraDavid Pereira, President, GET LIFT Agency 

Compelling, engaging content that your buyer cares about simply doesn’t just happen. It is built on a deep understanding of your buyer. By giving them helpful content that educates and answers questions, you earn the right to be on their shortlist.

However the problem is that marketers battle constraints (resources, time, budget) when building out content. A good starting point is to conduct a content audit to understand where you have gaps and where you should invest in content. Another content hack is to repurpose large pieces of content into smaller pieces that can be used over different channels.

Marketers often suffer from Stockholm Syndrome – They take on the worldview of their employer and forget what it’s like to be a regular person. You spend about 2,000 hours a year involved in your product or business. Your buyer isn’t nearly as invested in your business but they are invested in their own needs. Make your content helpful and accessible to your buyers so that they can easily see the connection between their current and future needs and your ability to satisfy them.

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