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Disruption–the good kind-happens when you fill a room with the best and the brightest among your peers, thought leaders, and product marketing gurus. That’s the inspiration behind Product Marketing Community San Francisco–created by product marketers for product marketers. With the theme “Architects of Growth”, it’s a day packed with insights, networking, and “Holy crap, I didn’t know that!” moments.

As if networking wasn't enough....

Seriously? As if the networking isn’t enough, we’ve got three top-drawer keynote speakers bringing the disruptive. Workshops, insights, and meet-the-expert sessions will plunge elbow-deep into:

  • Defining buyers and their purchase process
  • Go-to-market planning and execution
  • Launches and campaigns

And food, my friend.  Mmmmmm. Food.

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Take a peek in the mirror—we can wait.  Are you seeing a Product Marketer, Product Manager, Field Marketer, Content Marketer, Analyst, Coordinator or Product Engineer? Then yes, you’ll want to be here. This day is about ideas and best practices that can help turn products and plans into revenue.

Product Marketing in the B2B context is such a critical role, yet very rarely do you find a forum that provides the level of practical insights like the Product Marketing Community. The inaugural Toronto conference was just what I needed to get up to speed on industry best practices and to network with like-minded product marketers! If you want to be an Architect of Growth, attend San Francisco December 9th!
Mei BurginCloud Marketing Leader, North America IBM
If you’re passionate about elevating your Product Marketing role so as to influence revenue growth, customers retention and awareness, join our friends at the Product Marketing Community Dec 9 in San Francisco. If it’s anything like their inaugural conference in Toronto, You’re in for a treat.
Rebecca KalogerisVice President, Marketing, Pragmatic Marketing Inc.
In the world of B2B marketing, there is perhaps no more strategic, but less understood role than of Product Marketing. I’m very excited to join the Product Marketing Community to better articulate the mission and role of this critical function.
Jim WilliamsVice President, Marketing, Influitive

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Keynote speakers

The best thinking comes in 3’s

Kristen Butzow

Pragmatic Instructor

From the razor-sharp minds of Pragmatic Marketing you’ll hear a fresh set of reasons why successful product marketing begins way back at the blueprint stage. Hear real-life case studies, and pick up new techniques for creating adaptive go-to-market strategies.

    Jeff Lash

    VP & Group Director, Go-to-Market

    You might think it’s easier to broker Middle East peace then to get your Product Marketing and Product Management teams to work in harmony. SiriusDecisions provides tips and best practices from for helping these key players work together for maximum effect.

    Michael McCune

    Senior Executive Advisor

    So you’ve got a premium product, and you’ve cultivated key contacts – but still the prospect says ‘no thanks’. CEB will explain why this happens more than you might think, as they share strategies for winning over that elusive ‘challenger’ customer.


    8:45 - 9:00 AM
    Welcome to the Product Marketing Community

    As life (and java) seeps in, a lively discussion sets the tone for the day.

    Rowan Noronha - Founder, Product Marketing Community

    "Forget the product. Start with the go-to-market strategy." Steve Jobs Too many companies think of marketing as what happens at the end of development. But the idea of "build the right product and it will sell itself" is simply not true. Successful companies have marketing - true Product Marketing - integrated into their processes from the start. Join Pragmatic Marketing Inc to discuss the expanding role of Product Marketing within today's leading technology companies. Discover how Product Marketing differs from traditional marketing communications. Kristen will share real-life case studies to illustrate the importance of involving Product Marketing before the product is built and creating strategic go-to-market plans from the start. Finally, Kristen addresses how the integrated role of Product Marketing requires agility, iteration and collaboration to be successful, especially as the pace of change quickens in the markets we serve. Other insights you will receive include: Understanding what Product Marketing is and why it is important Knowing when and how to begin go-to-market planning Implementing specific techniques for creating adaptive go-to-market strategies

    Jon Gatrell, Pragmatic Instructor

    SAP will share their trials and best practices for understanding the market, aligning internally, and launching.

    Byron Bank, Global VP, Product Marketing, Analytics and Big Data

    The relationship between Product Marketing and Product Management can sometimes be strained, contentious or non-existent. There is often confusion or conflict about roles and responsibilities and highly-charged opinions about how the functions should work together. However, in high performing organizations, there is close collaboration between Product Marketing and Product Management. This presentation explores the best practices for both functions, including roles and responsibilities, activities to promote interlock and the evolution of each role. Learn answer to questions including: · What are the fundamental similarities -- and key differences -- between the two roles? · What activities and responsibilities are shared between product marketing and product management and how can those responsibilities best be shared? · How do best-in-class organizations structure the two functions to work effectively and interlock throughout the innovation and go-to-market process?

    Jeff Lash, VP & Group Director, Go-To-Market

    Jocelyn King from Intel shares her trials and best practices for understanding the market, aligning internally, and launching.

    Jocelyn King, Senior Director, Global Demand Center

    Spend a penny, see a man about a horse, and so on. But make time to network. Here’s a great chance to rub elbows with fellow experts.

    Manav Khurana, VP of Product Marketing from Twilio shares his trials and best practices for understanding the market, aligning internally, and launching.

    Manav Khurana, VP Product Marketing

    Many B2B Product Marketers realize the buying environment is changing: customers have more information sources and are more empowered than ever to make decisions about their problems, potential solutions and your offerings. The result is a disturbing trend towards commoditization, where customers are no longer willing to pay for the differences in performance. CEB shows how winning suppliers challenge their customers with new ideas about their business and employ modern marketing strategies that re-frame how customers assign value to those differences. The CEB model works, but the onus is on Product Marketers to ask hard questions about their roles: Why are customers not responding to our value propositions? Why does voice of the customer suddenly feel so shallow? Why does it seem like customers won't take action? The answers to the questions reveal new strategies Product Marketers can use to generate high quality sales and deeply engage today's empowered customer

    Michael McCune, Senior Executive Advisor, Marketing Leadership Council

    A product marketing executive from a mature startup share their trials and best practices for understanding the market, aligning internally, and launching.

    Lance Walters, Chief Marketing Officer

    Thomas Madsen-Mygdal is the Co-Founder and CEO of TwentyThree, and has previously co-founded Podio (acquired by Citrix). In his talk he will share the story about finding the right timing, believing in your narrative and creating an innovative video marketing platform, which is changing how companies market their products and communicate.

    Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, Co-Founder and CEO of TwentyThree

    Napoleon said ‘Product Marketers travel on their stomachs.’ (We paraphrase.) We’ve got the Ricotta Meatballs w. Polenta, Roasted Lemon & Oregano Chicken and Tiramisu to refuel you. Plus free cocktails... yup, that's how we roll!

    Competitive Intelligence tends to address specific needs or fill competitive knowledge gaps due to a specific situation. These situations generally pertain to learning more about wins and trying hard to avoid losses. But where do these competitive intelligence typically projects start? Typically by aiming the lens at competitors - their product features, go-to market strategy, price, and so on. Alan Armstrong will argue that this approach is backwards. Why? Because the lens should be on the buyer, not the competitor. You need to “Start with Buy”.

    Alan Armstrong, Founder & CEO

    B2B marketing professionals operate in an era of (two-way) transparency - that is to say, we have all kinds of data on customers, and they have all kinds of data on us. In this environment, the role of "Authenticity" in branding gains a new priority. This requires a "new recipe for authentic B2B brand building". Join us December 9 to engage with Glen as he furthers this argument with story-telling and case studies.

    Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer

    In the new era of B2B marketing, buyers hold the power to self-select what's attention-worthy and what guides their path to purchase. To truly engage these B2B buyers, it’s critical to understand both how they think AND how they feel. Drew shares gyro's Ignition process of identifying your audience’s key emotional insights as well as how to effectively build messaging, content and a go-to-market approach for your product or solution for optimal impact at launch.

    Drew Meyers, President

    As if networking wasn't enough...we end the day with prizes, food and complimentary cocktails!

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      I joined the community to promote excellence in marketing and to share and learn from peers in the industry with a focus on Product Marketing in a B2B environment. Join us December 9th.
      Adam HowatsonChief Marketing Officer, OpenText
      Many Product Marketers have learned “on the job” and have misconceptions about the role and its responsibilities. The Product Marketing Community conference in Toronto was a great opportunity for me to share best practices that we’ve learned at SiriusDecisions, as well as to hear various Product Marketers perspectives on the key activities and deliverable they utilize to achieve commercial success. Let’s continue the dialogue December 9th in San Francisco.
      Jeff LashVP & Group Director, Go-to-Market, SiriusDecisions
      The Product Marketing Community brings together a diverse set of marketing leaders representing companies large and small. What better a forum to advance the profession then by tapping into the minds and experiences of your fellow “Architects of Growth”?
      Andrew DixonVice President, Marketing, SAS

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