Thank you to all 225 delegates Toronto!

Next up: San Francisco
December 2, 2016

Thank you to all 225 delegates Toronto!

Next up: San Francisco
December 2, 2016

Why Attend the Product Marketing Conference?

Hear from industry experts, network with peers, and learn the latest product marketing skills.

For Product Marketers By Product Marketers

Be inspired by the best and brightest Product Marketers and their success stories.

Rethink the way you work

Gain tips, tools and ideas to help you execute with confidence.

Make an Impact

Help shape the product marketing discipline and advance it globally.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re a Product Marketer, Product Manager, Field Marketer, Content Marketer, Analyst, Coordinator or Product Engineer, then join us and gain insights into:

Understanding The Market

Defining Buyers + Their Purchase Process

Go-To-Market Planning + Execution

Launches + Campaigns

Keynote Speakers

Jon Gatrell

Jon Gatrell

Pragmatic Marketing

Rethinking Product Marketing. ”Hint It’s not Marcom!”

Jeff Lash

Jeff Lash


Sorting Out Product Marketing and Product Management

Jonathan Grieb

Jonathan Grieb


Product Marketing to Empowered Customers



Executive Roundtable


Keynote: Pragmatic Marketing Inc.


Insight Applied: IBM




Keynote: SiriusDecisions


Insight Applied: Influitive


Keynote: CEB


Insight Applied: Vision Critical


Oliver & Bonacini LUNCH


IGLOO presents…a surprise!


Meet the Experts: Market Intelligence – Bond Brand Loyalty


Meet the Experts: Competitive Intelligence – Eigenworks


Meet the Experts: Segmentation & Personas – Quarry


Meet the Experts: Positioning – April Dunford


Meet the Experts: Messaging – Mark Evans


Meet the Experts: Buyer Journey Mapping – GET LIFT Agency


Meet the Experts: Sales Enablement – Intelex Technologies


Meet the Experts: Product Launch – RICOH


Oliver & Bonacini Cocktails!

Session Types


Thought leaders discuss the why, what, and how of Product Marketing.

Insight Applied.

Product Marketing best practices from those who have survived in the trenches.


In depth & interactive exploration of common Product Marketing pain-points.

Knowledge Partners

Visionary Partners

Expert Partners


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Why did our Council join the Community?

I’m passionate about Product Marketing. I have seen first-hand what strong Product Marketing can do, how it can elevate products, companies and careers. I want to help educate the industry and set the standards to usher in the next generation of Product Marketing leaders.

Rebecca Kalogeris

VP Marketing, Pragmatic Marketing Inc.

Every day, I see in our clients how important product marketing is to business success. At the same time, I see how by clarifying and a better definition of Product Marketing it could be even more effective. I joined the council to participate in creating that clarity.

Chris Hokansson

Managing Director, One Red Bird

Today, B2B organizations typically go to market with a multi-tier strategy, which may include solutions, products, services and personas or other customer segments. I joined the committee because the product marketing function has evolved beyond products to also focus on solutions and services. I would like to help Product Marketers understand their role in the revenue ecosystem as an overarching function that aligns business objectives, market opportunities and an organization’s complete portfolio of offerings in a formal, cohesive go-to-market architecture.

Ally Motz

President & CEO, SiriusDecisions Canada, Inc.

The PMC is a remarkable opportunity to network with the next generation of Canada’s business leaders to share ideas, create meaningful insights, and challenge the conventional thinking that product marketing is an expense rather than a valuable asset builder.

Matt Kelly

Managing Partner/Co-founder, LEVEL5 Strategy Group

I joined the PMC to help build a global community of product marketers, connect with product marketing professionals to share best practices, establish the role of product marketing in a more formal way, and grow the profile of the profession.

Bruce Warren

SVP Product Marketing, VisionCritical

As a Field Marketer, I understand that the bridge between Product Marketing and Field Marketing is a critical one, and it needs to be built and maintained in order to produce truly effective, modern marketing. I joined the Council to better understand the best practices for Product Marketing in a B2B context, and contribute to thought leadership around the partnership between Product Marketing and Field Marketing.

Cory Coley-Christakos

Head of Regional Platform Marketing, SAP (North America)

I think that in the world of B2B marketing, there is perhaps no more strategic, but less understood role than that of Product Marketing. In various organizations, I’ve seen it report into product management or marketing, focused on any one number of activities and problems. Sometimes the sheer number of responsibilities assigned to product marketing serve to undercut its strategic role of articulating the core who, what & why of any organization, which is also the foundation of great marketing and sales. So I’m very excited to work with the Product marketing Council to better articulate the mission and role of this critical function.

Jim Williams

VP Marketing, Influitive

I want to help create a strong community of knowledge from which  to build a stronger and better understood discipline for Product Marketers.  By doing this, we improve our contributions and also help other roles such as Product Management, sales, field marketing etc. be more effective.

Kitty Chow

Worldwide Portfolio Marketing, HP (Technical Services)

The toughest question students ask me is “What does a Product Marketing manager do?” The second toughest is “How do I prepare myself for the role”. My answer: It depends on who you work for” – If ever there was a field ripe for definition and best practice, this is it.

Kenneth B Wong

Distinguished Professor Marketing, Queen's University

To promote excellence in marketing and to share and learn from peers in the industry with a focus on Product Marketing in a B2B environment

Adam Howatson

Chief Marketing Officer, OpenText

I joined the Product Marketing Community Council because I believe in the power of community to help people share, learn, and grow. By creating a venue that facilitates relationship building, creates learning opportunities, and connects junior, mid-stage, and senior Product Marketers we can elevate our craft. This Council will help ensure the role of Product Marketing is recognized by leaders as a must-have for any customer-centric organization.

Vivianne Gauci

Managing Director, Grace Marketing Advisory, (former) VP Products & Marketing, American Express

The product marketing council brings together a diverse set of marketing leaders representing companies large and small, B2B and B2C, consultants and academics. Together this group represents decades of hands on experience in product marketing management. What better a forum to advance the profession than by tapping into the minds and experiences of this group of leaders?

Andrew Dixon

CMO Igloo Software, (former) CMO Microsoft

With over 20 years of Product Management experience I can confidently attest that the clarification and importance of the Product Marketing role is simply not well understood. I have a real passion for product management and marketing and I have grown throughout my career to understand them as disciplines – separate but very closely aligned disciplines. I want to assist with better defining and aligning the Product Marketing role to enable future leaders in this area to successfully satisfy and support their internal sales, development, operational and external customers.

Michael LaPalme

Director, Product Management, Bell Business Markets

What our Council members say about Product Marketing

The Venue

Arcadian Court
401 Bay Street, 8th Floor, Toronto
Ontario M5H 2Y4

Originally opened in 1929, the Arcadian Court has a deep and rich history as a Toronto institution.

About Product Marketing Community

The Product Marketing Community brings together the world’s best and brightest product marketers for one focused mission: Connect, engage and empower those responsible for turning products and plans into revenue to execute confidently. Created for product marketers by product marketers, members learn from leading practitioners, broaden networks, and help shape the discipline forward.

Bringing it all together will be our new Product Marketing Community website, powered by IGLOO Software. Launching April 22 at our inaugural conference in Toronto, the new community site will be the source for the latest product marketing news, giving members the insights, tools and networks to advance their careers.

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